Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Las Vegas... After 5...


A review of predictions…

2012 NFR Predictions:

Prediction 1: I am anxious to see this year’s pen of bulls. 

Thus Far: Not impressed.

Prediction 2: What to Watch For: JW Harris… He comes out swinging… Cody Teel and Trey Benton – these guys are legit, let’s see how they handle their first NFR, expect big things.

Thus Far: JW is swinging… and winning the average on 3 head… Although Cody Teel stubbed his toe and fell off a couple – he rode two really tough bulls that did not have their best days and kept a couple of questionable scores, let’s see where refusing a re-ride gets him in the average when things re said and done.  Trey rode his first but has been shut out since not sure where he is going to land…

Prediction 3: Don’t Forget: Shane Proctor… enough said…

Thus Far: Hoping things turn around soon for Shane… I thought he would come here and ride at least 6 bulls.  With 5 remaining that is still possible.  I haven't seen him, so I’m not sure if he’s dealing with any injury, but he just hasn't hit his stride yet.

Prediction 4: Don't Count Out: Cody Whitney.  He’s been there and done that… He’s healthy and he has ridden some of the rankest bulls on earth… If he gets on a roll he could win the average, and that could make things interesting.

Thus Far: After a great start on the first two bulls, winning the round on one, Cody has cooled off… He’s dealing with a hip injury as I understand, but don’t count him out... He knows there’s a bunch of money to be won and with two scores, he’s in the hunt on the average.

Prediction 5: A Sleeper:  Tag Elliott.  Tough as nails, more talent and determination than many in the field… If Tag gets started on the right foot, he is certainly capable of mixing up the average…
Thus Far: Unfortunately Tag didn't get going right off the bat… But I still think with 5 to go he can be dangerous…

The field: Seth Glause has put two together and almost a third when in round 4 he rode for like 7.8 seconds.  Seth broke his nose and has moved to a helmet, but so far the injury doesn’t appear to be bothering him…  Interested to see how he finishes the week.


As I mentioned earlier, I am not impressed with the bull herd.  I believe they could be improved upon – but play the hand you are dealt right?

On another note, regarding Bull of the Year Cat Baliou… He did not have a good trip the other night… That’s two “off” trips in a row – one at PBR Finals and then here at NFR.  Hopefully the real Cat Baliou shows up later in the week.

The rankest bull I have seen this week is from D&H – Shepard Hills Tested… I’m predicting he takes Bull of the Finals honors home this year.


Speaking of Fantasy Rodeo… I am not faring too well in my league… through 5 rounds I’m holding the 10th position out of 22 teams… I’ll keep you posted on where I finish.  If you are a rodeo fan and you are not playing ProFantastyRodeo.com – shame on you – play next year!

NFR Thus Far:

Barebacks: Kaycee Field is winning the average, no big news there…

Saddle Broncs: Interestingly, Cody Demoss is the only one in contention who has stayed on everything.  The round last night was unreal – it was a riding contest!  I hope Cody can bring the buckle home – but watch out for Wade Sundell – this city and this event were made for him!

Bull Riding: It will get interesting, but I’m going with JW to win the average.  Can you afford to bet against him?


NFR Round 5.  Wow!  They ride 3 horses.  What an awesome display of animals!  I think this is how Bronc Riding should be.  To me it is so much more interesting to see a “riding contest”… It creates drama – in the moment – and in the average. 

Unfortunately there are not that many horses of this caliber out there… Making a display like last night more difficult to duplicate…


There is nothing like being in Las Vegas for the NFR.  “Cowboy Town”.  It’s a great opportunity to connect with the Western Lifestyle demo – I hope that more brands will begin to understand this – in turn generating more revenue for the industry.

As the Average comes into play here in the last 5 rounds in Las Vegas it is always interesting to see the characters come out in these guys… It’s the race for a world title… It means more than it should – to many of them – and it is awesome to watch!


Dierks Bently – Tip It On Back… Great song.  Every time I hear it, I crank it up.  It’s about being in the moment… seizing and enjoying…  I have had such a blessed life.  So many chances to “Tip It On Back” on so many levels and I don't think I’ve ever declined an opportunity to do so. LIVE your life – “Tip It On Back”.

Shut Up and Make it Happen
Scott Davis

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Reviews, Predictions, Being Wright… and a “Bible on the Dash”

*Note:  First off, my apologies to the 20 people that might have read this blog, that I all but quit after three weeks of action…  Secondly, I hope to do a much better job at posting – especially with the upcoming 2012 NFR… I hope to bring some insight to all of you straight from Las Vegas… Stay tuned… (to see if I can actually beat “4 in a row”… blogs that is…)


Let’s see… Where to begin… Since my last blog was in May, there is plenty to cover…

1. Cheyenne Frontier Days – The return of the CBR World Championships.


Did I mention Wow?  Really.  This was probably the best Bull Riding event I have ever personally witnessed in my 37 years of witnessing Bull Riding.  If you’d like to check the stats visit http://probullstats.com/rodeo/B104 This event ranked in the Top 10 of over 4,700 Bull Riding events on record at probullstats.com.  It was legit.  Tuff Hedeman orchestrated the best Bull Riding I have ever seen in my life.

Not to mention the return of one of my favorites Wesley Silcox.  Wes rode like he was on a mission and though he missed the 2012 NFR due to nagging injuries affecting his August/September performance, I believe we have not seen the last of the 2007 PRCA World Champion.  His aggregate on 3 head was 274.5 (that’s an average of 91.5 – for anyone not majoring in mathematics) that was just .5 ahead of 2012 CBR World Champion and new sensation Josh Barentine and only a point better than the “King” of the modern era – JW Harris… (that’s right… I said it…)

2. PBR World Finals.

Another record – “Back to Back” World Championships for Brazilian Silvano Alves.  This guy can ride.  I have to admit, I was pulling for my personal favorites LJ Jenkins, to pull off a World Championship and Luke Snyder for his second PBR Finals Average Title… But Heck – what do I know?

The continued struggle for the PBR is to have a Champion who can speak English… I mean zero disrespect in that comment, because it is obvious the Brazilian riders have tremendous talent.  Yet, it is a simple fact, that in order to market their organization, the PBR needs Champions that can communicate to the American public, in turn promoting the organization and its mission.  The language barrier makes that extremely difficult.

2012 NFR Predictions:

I am anxious to see this year’s pen of bulls. 

What to Watch For: JW Harris… He comes out swinging… Cody Teel and Trey Benton – these guys are legit, let’s see how they handle their first NFR, expect big things.

Don’t Forget: Shane Proctor… enough said…

Don't Count Out: Cody Whitney.  He’s been there and done that… He’s healthy and he has ridden some of the rankest bulls on earth… If he gets on a roll he could win the average, and that could make things interesting.

A Sleeper:  Tag Elliott.  Tough as nails, more talent and determination than many in the field… If Tag gets started on the right foot, he is certainly capable of mixing up the average…


Bulls of the Year 2012:

PRCA – Cat Ballou – 4L & Diamond S Rodeo Co. – This bull bucks.  I believe Ty Murray put his foot in his mouth during the PBR World Finals when he talked about “Bull Power in the PBR”, then he later tried to recover reverting to “Rider Power” (which I will partially consider defensible)… Cat Ballou did not have his best day that evening, they were still 87.5 points on him and I believe won the round… Ty should do a little research, prior to that and as I recall, the bull had not been ridden in any BFTS outs… Everyone has an “off day” and when the “off day” still wins the round… That’s pretty damn good.  The bull should go twice at the NFR.  There’s only about 3 or 4 guys in the field that can warm him up on his best day. We’ll see…

PBR – Asteroid – Circle T – Wow.  It will be interesting to see how this bull progresses… I recall watching videos on Cooper Kanngiesser’s phone of this bull bucking a few years ago… I think Cooper was wanting about $5,000 for the bull then?  Anyway, kudos to Cooper for raising one of the greatest animal athletes in the modern era…  

CBR – Bugle – Talbert Bucking Bulls.  If you’ve been around the bull biz, you know Bugle.  CBR Bull of the Year is based on money won on the bull.  Bugle is the one everybody coming back into the short round should want to get on.  He had a great year on the CBR Tour in 2012 and under this system is well deserving of the Bull of the Year.  Not sure on his status for 2013.


The 2012 NFR is swiftly approaching! 

One of the coolest things to hit rodeo in recent history is “Pro Fantasy Rodeo”.  It is extremely similar to Fantasy Football or any of the other fantasy games for the major stick and ball sports.

If you are an avid fan of Pro Rodeo and are not playing, I encourage you to do so.  It will make you watch the NFR - like you have never watched it before. Guaranteed. 

This build “avidity” – the sport needs to build on and improve “avidity” to attract sponsorships.  Join in on the fun!

For more information visit http://www.profantasyrodeo.com/ 

In the meantime, I will try to bring you an insider’s look from the NFR in Las Vegas… Stay tuned!


Remember “Kate”?

Well, let me say it my favorite way: “Kate’s Hot Sister” – does that ring a bell?

“Kate” is what my bride prefers to call her (because deep down inside, she is mad that I came up with such a good horse name) and sometimes I forget my “awesome naming capabilities” and I revert to the horse’s “nickname”…  But in one of the first few blogs I mentioned “Kate” and the story behind her name…

Anyway, I am proud to say that in her first full year of PRCA competition in the Bareback Riding Event, HV 667 “Kate’s Hot Sister” has been selected to her first NFR as a six year old!

What’s more amazing is that in 2005 my wife Kirsten put Painted Valley on 7 mares.  In 2006, those 7 mares had colts.  Of those 7 colts, 2 will be making their fist appearance at the 2012 NFR and there was a third colt, Painted Bear, who had some consideration for being selected this year as well.  Therefore, it would be safe to say that in 2006, of 7 colts sired by Painted Valley, 3 (or 43%) were ranked in the top 300 horses on earth!  That’s a pretty good debut as a sire! 

We look forward to seeing more of Painted Valley’s offspring in the future!  For more on my buddy Painted Valley, follow him on Twitter @PaintedValley or visit http://www.harryvoldrodeo.com/


How about the Wright brothers?  What an amazing crew of guys.  At this year’s NFR you will see World Champion Cody Wright, flanked by two of his younger brothers Jesse and Jake.  Might I add, that coming in as the world leader in the Saddle Bronc Riding, Jesse Wright has a great chance at taking home a gold buckle this year.  Although remember, anything can happen at the NFR.

More over, you will never meet a better group of people than the Wright boys.  Real Cowboys.  Bronc Riders.  More importantly, they are polite, respectful young men who serve as wonderful ambassadors for the sport of Professional Rodeo.  Here’s to the Wright brothers as they pursue greatness at the 2012 NFR!


So I’m a bit behind in the Music category because it moves so swiftly, but here’s a few that are trending for me recently:

Thomas Rhett – Beer with Jesus.  Listen to this song… It is greatness. If you can guess what I believe is a hidden meaning in this song, I’ll buy you a ticket to a perf at the NFR this year.  If you think you know the answer, email me: scott@scottjdavis.com (offer expires 11/30/12)

Corb Lund – Bible on the Dash.  This is an awesome song.  Enough said.

Stoney LaRue – Anything Stoney… But check out his “Live Acoustic” album.  Q: When do you record a cover song by one of the greatest artists ever?  A: When you can do it better than they did… Just download it. Trust me.

Shut Up and Make it Happen
Scott Davis

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Probullstats, Cowboy Sh*t and Bobby Joe


I am going to change the subject entirely this week when it comes to this portion of the Blog.

I have one word for this week; Probullstats.com. (at least I think that is “one word”… come to think of it – is it even a word?)

Anyway, as I considered what I would talk about this week, my mind led to riding percentages, which lead me to Probullstats.com – which lead me to think the following;

“As an avid fan of and a professional in this industry – where would I be today without Probullstats.com?”

I mean seriously?  The more I think about what these guys have created, the more I wonder how in the world we would have EVER functioned WITHOUT them.  The foresight of Mr. McDonald and Mr. Long (and whomever else should be credited) is unreal.

If you are in the bull business, you’ve probably been to the website. If you are a contractor, producer, rider or fan – there is information at Probullstats.com that you will need!

In almost every Major League sport, the teams and players utilize “Scouting Reports”…  Probullstats.com is Bull Riding’s “Scouting Report”… To think that the cowboys in the Bareback and Saddle Bronc events do not have near such a resource is mesmerizing… How do they function without it? 

I can promise you that I will reference Probullstats.com and information I have obtained there in almost every Blog I write.  In fact, I think it would be near impossible to write anything about Bull Riding – intelligently - without needing to turn to such a great resource.

So with that, I say, THANK YOU to the hard working folks at Probullstats.com – without you, this blog would not be possible.  Without you, bull riding WOULD NOT BE where it is today.  Bless You!


Exclusive Genetics.  Say what you will about the program, the Million Dollar Futurity, the clientele, the concept, blah, blah, blah.  I am here to tell you that these guys have some bulls.  Whether bought, sold, bred, raised or traded it matters, not.  Not in the “Bull Riding” portion of the game.

Most recently, I have seen numerous of their partnership “big bulls” in the Palace Station Million Dollar Bull Team Challenge.  They had a solid weekend in Del Rio in the CBR Bull Games as well.  Ragin JT is a bull that EVERY guy that ever strapped it on, should want to draw, EVERYwhere he ever goes.  I will go out on a limb to say, if their recent bull performance is any indication of where they are going – it's the right direction.


Circling back to Probullstats.com for Bull Riding and the lack thereof for the Horse events in Rodeo…  Really? 

Is there a place where I can go find horse stats?  I think the PRCA tried to take this on, but historically when I’ve tried to locate it at their website, the link is dead or may now be non-existent…  If I am missing the boat, I hope that someone will enlighten me.  For the sake of the game, I am hoping I am the only dummy that can’t find a stat database on the horses…

It’s kind of like Fed Ex and the US Postal Service – One outfit is making it happen… While one will get it to you on Saturday – even overnight if you ship on Friday – the other is considering cancelling Saturday Delivery altogether… Hmmm.

Maybe I should do it!?!   Broncstats.com – sounds like the next billion dollar Dotcom to me! NOT!



I am currently the luckiest guy on earth.

When I am home, I get to wake up each morning and about 100 yards out my kitchen window I can see, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest Bucking Horses ever.

Our north pasture, has a pond, surrounded by shade trees and a few big Oaks… Normally, each morning he’s sitting there hanging out under that big Oak, with his buddy Jo Finn – both anxiously awaiting my lovely bride to arrive with more senior feed than they can eat…

His name is Bobby Joe.  Harry Vold says, “Bobby Joe is probably the best horse I ever had”… Enough said.

Bobby Joe went to the NFR like 12 times.

Bobby Joe was PRCA Saddle Bronc Horse of the year.  Three times.  In a row.

(This is the part of the Blog that if I had “Broncstats.com” fired up I could be providing additional information)

Bobby Joe is retired. In Texas – where the winters aren't so harsh. 

He’s probably about 27 years old.  He doesn’t move like he used to either, but he’s down there everyday just hanging out with Jo Finn, probably telling old “re-ride” fibs…

That’s like having Nolan Ryan, Brett Farve or Wayne Gretzky in your back yard…

That’s badass… and in case you missed it the first time, I am the luckiest guy on earth.


J.B. Mauney.  That’s “Cowboy Shit” right there.

The guy is sitting at home with a broken riding hand.  Decides he can't wait for it to heal and be too far behind in the race for a World Title – so he switches hands.  I repeat, switches hands.  At what’s arguably the elite level of the game.

That’s comparable to a pitcher at the Major League level of Baseball starting the game this week as a “Right Hander” and earning a win. Then deciding he will work his next start as a “Left Hander” after a few sessions in the “bull pen” between starts.  Then, not only does he get it across the plate as a “Left hander”, but strikes out other Major League caliber players.

Kudos to J.B.  Thanks for reminding us what “cowboy” really means.  World Titles aren't always won by the most talented athlete in the race, but the one that “wants it” the most.


I’m in a music funk this week… Lots on my plate and I haven't dedicated much time to it…

However, I did have the opportunity to visit a bar in “Cajun” country down at Lafayette.  I have nothing against “Cajun music” however, I did notice that at one point the band played for like 15 minutes straight… I don't know if it was the same song or if it was some sort of “medley”… But it was LONG…

If you get a chance, dig up “The World Needs a Drink” by Eric Church on YouTube.  This is a GREAT song.  I’m a HUGE Eric Church fan. Rock it!

Shut Up and Make it Happen
Scott Davis

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

35 Years, 79 Times and New Names


In about 72 hours, I’ll be standing on hallowed ground in Del Rio, Texas.  I’ll be watching folks pile through the gates at Val Verde County Fairgrounds for the 35th Annual George Paul Memorial Bull Riding.

The 35th Annual event will be the same, but different. 

It will be the same, in that third generations of fans will be there, just like their fathers and grandfathers, who have punched their ticket at those gates over the years.  Additionally, the pens will be loaded with some of the best bulls in the country and from those fences will hang the ropes, chaps and gloves of some of the most talented guys going down the road.

It will be different in that, those bulls in the pens and their owners will be vying for $120,000 in cash over the course of two performances – between Saturday’s CBR Bull Games and Sunday’s Palace Station Million Dollar Bull Team Challenge.

It will also be different in that, my personal list of heroes might be discussing the draw, but they won't be strapping it on… They’ll be talking about these “kids” - the new names - that have recently taken bull riding and rodeo by storm, the kids that are only on the cusp 20 years old, like Trey Benton, Chandler Bownds and Cody Teel.

It will be different in that, on Saturday night, one man will have a chance to earn a new RAM Truck, if he can best #78 Poker Face from Box K Cattle Company – which by the way in 20+ outs - has a 100% Buck Off in the CBR, PRCA and PBR.

However, the one undeniable factor that will remain the same - is that Bobby Paul will stand in the arena on Sunday afternoon and hand another kid a check – for the aggregate on three head – and a Buckle that says Champion - of the George Paul Memorial Bull Riding… Just like he did 35 years ago.


Did I mention that over $120,000 in CASH will be paid to Stock Contractors in Del Rio Texas this weekend?

Man, ain’t it great to be a bull owner?  I bet when the Paul’s and the Steiner’s got together to produce the first George Paul Memorial, it probably didn't pay $120 an out… Now the total purse is 1,000 times that.  Think about it…

Additionally, there is a “Bounty” out on #78 Poker Face… He is unridden in 20+ professional outs – in EVERY Pro Organization…  This could get interesting…  One man will have a shot at a new RAM Truck, if he can make the whistle on this bull.

Tuff Hedeman says the 100% buck off rate is misleading, because the bull can be ridden.  Tuff said, “He’s got no dirty tricks or cheap shots.  He just bucks - and bucks hard”.

A lucky Stock Contractor will need a “Poker Face” to get out of Val Verde County with all that cash…  And a Bull Rider is going to need a “Poker Face” to get into that brand new RAM Truck!


Why do they always get multiple head in the timed events?  I am great friends with a number of talented guys in these events, and I think I am going to start asking…

If they get two calves at a rodeo – why can't a guy get two bareback horses? Two bulls? Two Broncs?

What is “Slack” (by the way... I know exactly what slack is), but seriously – what is it? 

When you go to a baseball game, guys take Batting Practice early… Nothing wrong with that, however, their professional averages are not affected by statistics taken from “practice swings”…  Practice contributes to their performance in the game, but it has NO DIRECT affect on the WINNER of the competition.

They get to play the game. The game is what people come and PAY to watch.  The game is nine innings.  There’s no “game, before the game” and/or “game, after the game”… Just the GAME, NINE INNINGS, in which the OWNERS generate REVENUE to PAY the players.

The VOLUNTEERS that produce professional rodeos CANNOT generate revenue from SLACK.  SLACK is an EXPENSE.  Ultimately, that EXPENSE in some way, shape or form SUBTRACTS from the funds available to put into the PURSE. 

Why would Pro Rodeo allow World Champion caliber athletes to perform, in the middle of the night, with no one watching?  With no way to help the OWNERS (volunteers in most cases) generate revenue.

Mind numbing…


My day has arrived! (ok, not really)  But I am going to claim it!

SUBJECT: Bucking Horse Naming.


As many of you know my wife is in the Stock Contracting business.  One day about a year ago, she was sitting on the couch, naming some young horses and she asked for some input from me (which is amazing).

Discussion turned to a young paint mare that is sired by her favorite son (and my competition for love and affection) Painted Valley.  The mare had been progressing nicely and really bucked under a dummy.  Kirsten had decided to name her “Pippa”… 

Because I am just shy of “socially ignorant” I said, “Who is Pippa?”

Kirsten: “That’s Kate Middleton’s sister – you know the girl that married Prince William – her hot sister, that’s been all over the news since the wedding?”

Scott: “Ummm… Oh yeah! She’s totally HOT!”

Kirsten: “You are such a DORK”.

Scott: “Yeah, but see… no one knows who ‘Pippa’ is… BUT everyone knows who ‘Kate’s Hot Sister’ is!”

And so it was…  HV 667 - the pretty little paint mare with a father who is certainly “Royalty” at my house… became “Kate’s Hot Sister”…

Since then, World Champion Bobby Mote was 84 points on her at the PRCA Rodeo in Odessa, Texas in January and more importantly, Bill Tutor earned 86 points on her and picked up the win in Corpus Christi this weekend! She even got her picture posted at prorodeo.com! http://www.prorodeo.com/Story.aspx?xu=3904


George Paul.  79 in a row.

Seriously, the guy rode 79 bulls in a row. 

Rumor has it, Jim Sharp rode 70+ (but not 79) in row, during a time when he was transitioning from junior/amateur into the pros, and at the professional level, the closest known is Tuff Hedeman with 49…

Truth is, no one will ever touch George’s record.  I know… folks said they would never eclipse the home run record in Major League Baseball, and it happened…   However, I am with the Paul family, “Never before, Never Again”.

79 in a row – are you kidding?  The first thing you are going to say is the bulls are BETTER and the guys are NOT.  While I won't dispute that entirely, I will say that in my opinion that is not the leading factor or the only factor. 

First of all, records are subject to "eras"... Different "eras" inherently create different circumstances.  Circumstances are critical to records.

Secondly, I think guys don't get on enough bulls today to accomplish this feat.  Which as mentioned is a circumstance or the "era". The more you get on, the better you ride. The better you ride, the more bulls you will successfully ride.  In George’s day, guys might twist 150 or more a year… In this case 79 might be just over half… or maybe even 60% riding percentage… That makes the record approachable.  But when guys are getting on 80 to 100 bulls a year – or less - that would mean you would need an 80 to 100% riding percentage…

79 in a row – Never Before, Never Again.

George Paul, rocked it!


I know I talked about it last week, but I have to reiterate – Lee Brice is the MAN. 

His new album “Hard 2 Love” just confirms his abilities as a true artist.  Get his stuff NOW if you don't have it.

Trending for me now:

Neon – Chris Young.  This is COUNTRY MUSIC.  The song has been out a while, but I personally just stumbled on it.  My buddy - from CMT’s Texas Women - Cicily Cross, has a true appreciation for good music…  She nailed it with recommending this one.  It has been on “repeat” all week since the download.

Shut Up and Make it Happen.
Scott Davis